6 Unusual animal friendships

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We know animals may have unexpected partnerships at times. Whether it’s the situation that brings them together or they’re only seeking a mate from another species, animals often become friends, forming an unusual animal friendship. All animals are adorable, but there’s more to it. Regardless of the reason, unusual friendships like these indicate that animals can be much more emotionally involved than many of us assume. However, yet as complex as they are while playing with their mate, these unlikely animal friends still have their great moments. Let’s look at some of the odd animal friendships:

The African Elephant and the Black Labrador

Bubbles the elephant and Bella, the black labrador have become best friends despite the drastic size gap. After her rescue from ivory poachers in Africa, Bubbles was taken to a safari reserve in the US. Bella was left there all alone with a park contractor. The two are eye candy, especially when Bella uses Bubbles as a diving board. They are great to see together!

The Giraffe and the Ostrich

Bea the Giraffe and Wilma the Ostrich became great friends during their time together at Busch Gardens in the USA. The two share a wide 65-acre enclosure, but they are not forced to spend time together – they happily do so.

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The Dog and the Wild Fox

Sniffer, the wild fox, and Tinni, the dog, became best of friends when they met in Norway’s forests. Torgeir Berge, owner of Tinni, does all he can to keep up and photograph the pair as they play in the forest.

The Wild Boar Piglet and the Dog

The wild boar piglet was starving in a field in south-western Germany and brought home by a local family where the piglet met their pet dog, and eventually, they became good friends.

The Cheetah and the Labrador

In the U.S., Busch Gardens Kasi and Mtani were raised together. This odd animal friendship was a joy to watch during their youth. However, as he developed into adolescence, Kasi started wandering away from Mtani and became more interested in the female cheetahs. Kasi, the cheetah, now spends more time with other cheetahs, but the two are still good friends, and often other places together.

The Orangutan and the Blue Tick Hound

Suryia the Orangutan and Roscoe the Blue Tick Hound live together in a US reserve of rare and endangered species. While orangutans are endangered, dogs are not. But, ever since he followed Suryia and her owner’s home, Roscoe has been staying with her. It didn’t seem like Roscoe had any other home to go to, so he stayed with Suryia, and since then, they have been great friends.

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