Discover the beauty of Vanuatu

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You want to learn more about remarkable islands, and have you ever heard about Vanuatu? We guess not! Well, this impressive island out there is unknown to many. There are so many places that exist in the vast expanse of the Pacific that we ordinarily pass by without even realizing it. Vanuatu is one of those hidden treasures of the Pacific. This stunning island nation has much great history that you can’t even imagine and is one of the most cosmopolitan countries around the world.

More than 100 different language speakers are on this island and a total of 80 small islands that are combined up together to make Vanuatu. Among many of the islands, this is one of the most serene, beautiful, and charming nations we can find around the Earth. You might be eager to know the reason, which is why we have made up a list of the few of its unique features. The list mentioned below could help you with your next travel to Vanuatu:

* Cascading streams and stunning waterholes

The island is unique and special due to its geographical and natural layout. One of the biggest drawers here is the cascading streams and stunning waterholes. To encapsulate Vanuatu’s real charm, this is someplace which you can’t miss during your visit.

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* Tall coconut palms

Adding more to the beauty of this place is beautiful and stunning coconut palms. These tallest palm trees are in thousands of numbers all across the country. It offers one of the most excellent features and naturally stunning views for you to admire it.

* Picturesque stunning beach

Champagne Beach in Vanuatu is one of the most iconic beaches around the world. Pale blue water and pure white sand make a good combination altogether. This beach is a must-visit feature while you are on your travel to Vanuatu. It got its name from the low-tide volcanic activity under the ground converges that cause bubbles in the water, giving a similar appearance to it like that of a champagne.

* Adventures of Santo Horse

While you are at Vanuatu, it is a must to visit a gorgeous place like this in style. The best way you can do this is by horse riding adventure. You can meander through gorgeous lakes, cross lush rainforests, and even enjoy the stunning scenery while riding on the back of a magnificent beast. It could be one of the best ways to experience the majesty and beauty of Vanuatu.

These are just some of the many great experiences you can cherish while you are on your journey to explore Vanuatu. This place is one of the legendary places where everyone must visit at least once in their lifetime if they are fond of cherishing natural beauty and landscapes.

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