Five super creative and innovative passport designs in the world

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There is something special about every country around the world. A passport to fly is one thing that binds all the countries from language, geography, vegetation, and climate. We all need passports to visit any place around the world. And for their uniqueness and creativity, these passports are very special in themselves.

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Every passport is unique in its designs and functionality, but some of them are uncommon than others. Although a few prototypes are part of the security measures to prevent any case of forge or fake passports. Here are some of the innovative and most beautiful passports that different countries are using to travel from one place to another. 

1. Canada

A Canadian passport reflects the most significant landmarks in the world, such as the Bluenose Falls, Niagara Falls, and the Parliament Building. The artwork even gets illuminated when seen under dark light, making it look like a festival. It is one of the coolest passport designs in the world.

2. China

The Chinese passport has included popular Chinese icons throughout, by the wish of the Chinese government. One is China’s Great Wall, a very famous landmark known by people all around the world. Such icons shine when put under ultraviolet rays, which is likewise a way to test the passport’s validity. Thus, making it quite similar to a Canadian passport. China ranked first for issuing 16 million passports in 2014 and over 100 million passports in 2017. Chinese passport concept is an excellent example of innovative art, making it the best passport design in the world.

3. Indonesia

Indonesia is famous for its tourist attraction. Indonesian passport is also a representation of the country’s ideal scenario. Indonesia has one of the best passport designs as they took innovation and creativity in passports to a whole new stage. It features the image of the earth’s largest lizard called Komodo, the largest flower called Rafflesia, a single-horned Rhino named Badak Jawa, a heaven bird and a tortoise.

4. Norway

Redesigned by Norwegian passport design Company, Oslo is considered the fourth most beautiful and creative passport in the world. The Norwegian passport reflects the majestic and natural scenery of the country in breath-taking pastel shades. The passport reveals the night sky’s northern lights to glow with the pages being exposed to the ultraviolet light because Norway is best known for its Aurora lights.

5. Australia

Australian passport looks simple and straightforward in its outlook. However, it still has the best passport design that features kangaroos, platypuses, and emus to pay homage to the region’s distinctive biology. But the pictures do contain some secret mark of protection. An image of a kangaroo that appears to float above the page when tilted at a certain angle makes it incredibly difficult for anyone to forge.

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