How Albania became an answer to the Amalfi Coast in Eastern Europe

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The Amalfi Coast is one of the most wonderful places around the world, luxurious with natural splendor, and plenty of impressive architecture. However, if you want to experience the same awe and wonder that the Amalfi Coast gives you, then going to Italy is not necessary. In fact, in the most unlikely locations, you can find magnificence, which is crucial while choosing a destination for travel.

There are so many hidden gems in or around Europe. So, it’s important to look a little closer.

Albania is one of the places that you would probably not expect to provide the same kind of experience as that of the Amalfi Coast. Read and discover how Albania has become similar to the Amalfi Coast. And how Albania tourism has improved in terms of nature and culture?

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The Albanian River

Albania’s Prime minister, Edi Rama, has frequently talked about what he calls the Albanian Riviera, and how incredible it is, not to forget that it is less spoiled than the Amalfi Coast in Italy. You might not have thought that a Balkan state would deliver the same beauty standard as that of Amalfi Coast, but you would be surprised the reality. Saranda’s port is the best place to start if you’re serious about experiencing the real coastal beauty and elegance of this place. Saranda port is just a few miles from Corfu.


Dhermi is a town in the county of Vlore, situated on the Ceraunian Mountains slope. If we compare it to Albania, Dhermi looks like someplace you might find in Greece or Cyprus. The town is beautiful and a real treat for anyone who may take the time to visit it. It has a spectacular view of the coastline and the sea. There are some stunning opportunities for hiking here, and you can also check out the nearby beaches.

Enjoy a fantastic trip by boat

The idea of taking a beautiful and quiet boat ride is one of the images that might come to your mind when you think of the beautiful Amalfi Coast. It’s a remarkable experience to take a trip along the beautiful coastline, and you can do the same in Albania. Take a boat trip to Albania’s largest uninhabited island, Sazan. It’s a place of historical importance, as well as immense natural beauty.

Phenomenal beaches

The last undiscovered beach in Europe, Albania’s coastline tourism, has risen in popularity. And, the spectacular beaches here are a big part of why it is so popular. The Albanian Riviera has breath-taking golden beaches, including Ksamil, Palasa, and the beach at Dhermi mentioned above.

Wrap up

You may not think so, but Albania tourism does have a great number of things to offer visitors in terms of nature and culture. It is a country that has been unnoticed by tourists long-arm but not for too long. Now is the perfect time to explore all the great things in Albania and why it carries so many similar characteristics to the Amalfi Coast.

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