How to wash clothes while on a trip

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Packing for a trip usually ends in one of two ways. You either pack far too much and end up never taking many of your items out of the bag only to see them again when you arrive home and start to unpack, or you pack far too little and end up turning your underwear inside out by the end of the trip to ensure you have something that is almost clean on your body. The second option is definitely worse so most people overpack. However, if you are going away for a long trip that simply isn’t an option. If your bag is full you need an alternative solution. While it may not be what you want to do on your trip, washing your clothes is the best solution. Here are a few tips for washing your clothes while on holiday.

Pack wisely

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Just because you plan on washing your clothes doesn’t mean that you should pack anything you may feel like wearing. You still need to pack smart to minimize the number of times you need to wash and to ensure an easy time washing. This means packing things that are easy to wash and easy to dry. If anything has special washing instructions leave it at home. If you have any clothes that are quick-drying, make sure they are in your bag.

Pack some extra items

While you may be stuck for space, hence why you are choosing to wash some clothes, there are some things that will save you a lot of hassle if you can fit them in. The first and most important thing is washing powder. This can be hard to find in some places and often only possible to purchase in large quantities. By packing a little bit you can easily fit it in your bag and ensure that you can do a nice wash. A clothesline is also an excellent idea. You can purchase wheels of clothesline that can be set up with ease when you are on your travels. This can be used to dry clothes but also to hang things from and even to hold up a tent if required. A great item to pack.

The wash itself

If you don’t have the luxury of a washing machine while away you can use a sink filled with water. It may be a good idea to pack your own sink stopper as many sinks won’t have one. Use your laundry powder and wash through the clothes so that the detergent actually works its way from the inside to the outside of each item. When washed try and ring your clothes dry so that nothing is dripping wet and also towel down anything really damp. Then hang it up in a warm place and hope it dries quickly.

The alternative

Of course, if you don’t have the time to wash your own clothes or simply want to avoid the hassle there are some alternative options. If staying in a hotel or hostel you should check with reception. Most hotels have a service that will wash anything you need for a price. Most hostels will be able to tell you of a laundry nearby or have some washing machines that you can pay to use yourself. These options are more convenient but they are usually more costly. Going to a laundry where you wash your own clothes is still cheap but means you have to sit there for a few hours to mind your clothes.

If your bag is too full because you packed ten shirts, six pairs of pants, and twenty pairs of underwear, you need to rethink your approach. Pack less and wash more is a nice way to pack light and ensure that can still smell great every day.

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