Human birdhouses let you to glimpse over the wild fjords and lush valleys of Norway

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Norway is a country of incredible nature. Its fjords seem almost to challenge what we think is possible, its coastal glaciers are a rare form of epic, and the views of its green pastures are always breath-taking.

What exactly is a fjord?

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A fjord is a story of mountains, ice, and water. Fjords are long, narrow, and steep inlets or cliffs. These are created by deepening glaciers of existing valleys of ice and water that is slowly wearing down the mountain masses. Western Norway is mainly known as “Fjordland.” Wild and unspoiled landscapes today have become an attraction for tourists from all over the world.

Where to stay?

Only recently, one company launched a new option for accommodation to capitalize on the breath-taking views. Guests can now sleep in futuristic birdbox for humans, featuring wide windows that will allow you to take in the breathtaking views of the outside.

Look at a human birdbox Fjord

Livit created the “birdbox for humans,” and they incorporated a sleek look that highlights the surrounding scenery. It has beautiful shapes and colors, influenced by Norway’s mountains. They’ve been designed to mix in with nature. These bird boxes created by Livit will be placed all over Norway so travelers can stick close to their chosen fjord and take in the rest of the natural beauty that their eyes will see around them. The bird boxes are available in two versions: Mini and Medi. They are installed with a helicopter, which means they can be installed at interesting, worthwhile, yet more difficult locations to reach.

A unique and memorable experience

The birdbox developers wanted to build something that would allow for a unique experience while having a minimal footprint on the environment. The goal was to make tourists feel one with nature, but a hotel room also has comfort. When it comes to weather, the area around the fjord can differ, but these boxes can bear any environment. The tiny structures feature beds, chairs, and amazing views from three sides of the window. Toilets come in their different boxes with full-length glass windows.

Winding up

Guests can expect a memorable experience with a feeling of freedom and peacefulness with all kinds of the weather being displayed in the birdboxes. From sunset on the fjords, watching the stormy seas, or relaxing with a mountain view, this can be anything. Two birdboxes created by Livit are currently installed on Norway’s west coast, available for booking via the Livitwebsite and via Airbnb.

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