Learn more about one of the most bizarre landscapes around the world

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Even though Bahariya and Farafra depressions don’t even cover 1% of the Egyptian Sahara, but they have some of the rarest and the most bizarre landscapes of Egypt. Still, the Pyramids are the country’s biggest attraction for the world. They also have some of the rarest geological formations and landscapes in the entire country. It is not a place where archaeologists came to find the hidden treasures; instead, it is the destination of fossils and remnants of dinosaurs and other species that we have not seen for millions of years. So are you even more curious to learn about this place? Let’s find it out!

Signs of volcanic past and life in the middle of the arid climate

It has been a long time that hundreds of black powder-covered hills surround Bahariya Oasis. The Black Desert is one of the strangest desert landscape you could find around the world. In the heart of Bahariya depression and at South-west of Cairo, an oasis brings life to one of the harshest regions on the Earth. Like other oases in the Western Desert, Bahariya Oasis formed after the depression reached the water table, and natural springs emerged from it. Hot springs are one of the major attractions in this grassy area filled with fresh fruits and palm trees.

A crystal made hill

You can see a mountain made out of crystals. There is nothing special about this formation even if we look for other outcrops that looked more appealing to climb and explore. As soon as you start to walk up the hill, the columnar-shaped stalagmites of colorless, long crystals look amazing. 

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Limestone on a flat land

It is the landscapes between Bahariya and Farafra depressions that change fast. It is about 30km that is further west where the volcanic hills of the Black Desert are no longer visible and a monochromatic flat land dominated area. For a moment, you can fell that nature has stopped, and life there was non-existent. 

Shaped by natural forces

The White Desert that is around 126 km south-west of the Black Desert, is somewhat an unusual natural site to see. The vast area of mushroom-like shapes and sea waves is made of white limestone that astonishes the most experienced traveler.

A museum of contemporary art

When you walk around the White Desert, it is sure to feel like visiting an art museum. Each of these natural structures is entirely bizarre, different, and difficult to the point that they each deserve their inspection. The desert was recognized as a Natural Protectorate by the Egyptian government in 2002, to maintain the pristine of the area. 

Shapes appear familiar at night

Full is probably the best time to see the White Desert. It is when during the time like this, the chalk-white rocks reflect bright moonlight that brings the shape of limestone back to life. 

Sleep under a million stars

White Desert camping could not be a luxurious experience. However, you can park cars, throw some rugs on the cold sand, and have a bonfire camping to keep you warm. You can watch a million of stars surrounding you while you rest yourself.

Given these points, exploring the White Desert at night is truly magical. Some people even climb smaller rocks so that they can get a better view of the area. As you may end up wondering the most bizarre landscape you would imagine in your life, it is stunning at the same time. We hope this article may raise your greed to visit this place at least once in your lifetime. 

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