List of fascinating airports as a must-visit on your next vacation

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Air travel vacations are an enjoyable experience, especially when we go to airports in other countries. But with all the hustle, rush and exhaustion of catching the flight on time, taking care of baggage, etc. nobody quite manages to explore all the magnificent features of airport travel. But there are some exceptionally built airports of the world which will entice even the most tired passengers. From inside gardens, to waterfalls and children play areas, some airports have it all. Dubbed as the most beautiful airports in the world, the following few airports will amaze you. Look out for these airports when planning your next vacation!

Kansai International Airport (Japan)

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Japan travel is known for its spiritual benefits in Japanese shrines, wellness trails, shopping, and street food. When paired with the best airport in the world, you get yourself the whole package from beginning to end. Japan is world-famous for its technological advancements, and the Kansai airport is no different. Built on an artificial island, this airport has a water-based setting. The marvellous building of the airport with its awe-inspiring infrastructure took three years to build. The airport is built with such high tech advancements that the artificial island and the Kansai airport are built to endure any natural disasters. 

Beijing Capital International Airport (China)

One of the fascinating airports, Beijing Capital International airport, was built to attract the visiting athletes and spectators of the 2008 Olympics held in the capital. The airport is mostly lit by natural lighting and mesh skylights that paint the airport’s interior in yellow, red, and white. The airport comes with an assistance hotline to help you in China’s most used airport. Complete with three terminals, the airport’s beauty will give you a spectacular welcome when you enter the country. 

Menara International Airport (Morocco)

The only airport of Marrakech, Menara International Airport’s interior, and exterior make it the best airport in the world. With the airport’s intricately built ceiling, the light coming inside is a spectacular vision to behold. The walls are beautifully made in rhombus patterns matching the fierce beauty of the airport exteriors. If you are not planning to visit Morocco, plan it now merely to view this one of the fascinating airports.

Madrid-Barajas International Airport (Spain)

Airports are a hub of rush and tiredness. But Madrid airport will leave you calm and at peace once you visit it. What makes it one of the most beautiful airports in the world is its strange pairing of steel and bamboo interiors. But the natural elements work beautifully to set all tensed minds into tranquility. This best airport in the world defies the rush of all travel. 

O’Hare International Airport (Chicago)

The magnificent piece of art makes it to the fascinating airports for its colorful interiors. Splashed with rainbow brightness and natural lighting, this airport will motivate you to sit and stare instead of taking your flight. 

So, on your next flight when you see some time at hand, get exploring and appreciating these most beautiful airports in the world

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