List of the things you can do in 36 hours in Calgary

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Canada is among the most beautiful and largest countries in the world. But how much of Canada have you truly visited and discovered yet? The Great White North has immense natural beauty, rich culture, and vast history for you to explore. Several places in Canada are worth a visit at least once in a lifetime. If you are looking to discover Canada’s places, then cultured Calgary in the province of Alberta is a must-visit.  

About Calgary

Calgary is the central hub for the oil industry in Canada, and it is also rich in culture and heritage. There are multiple things to do in Calgary, and if you have at least 36 hours to spend in this city, you can explore most of it. Here’s the guide on how to spend your 36 hours in Calgary optimally and the things to do in Calgary, Alberta.


The most important thing you should do before traveling to Calgary is to go to the National Music Center. This place has a remarkable organ demonstration for visitors. The National Music Center of Calgary is one of the main highlights of the place. It is worth visiting and interesting music museum to visit in Calgary. If you visit the National Music Center, you have to ensure that you have plenty of time to learn about the science behind sound production. Next, you should go to the Beltline area of the city. It has lavish bars and restaurants for you to spend your Friday night in the town. After having an excellent dining experience, move on towards 9th Avenue in Southeast to find the iconic Music Mile, and experience the best live music in the city.   

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The Alberta province of The Great White North allows you to explore the natural beauty of Calgary metropolitan. You can spend the next 36 hours in Calgary by snow biking and by embracing local life. You will get a spectacular ride if you go cycling across the river in the city. After cycling, go to Deane House to get a perfect meal and enjoy the delicious Canadian menu. After you have a tasty meal, you can head to watch fine art in the city. You can visit the Esker Foundation for free and look at the stunning artwork and impressive galley. Once you have a glimpse of the breathtaking art, you can go to Elbow River to make it to Inglewood. You will find beautiful boutiques and sovereign stores in Inglewood.


On the final day of your 36 hours in Calgary you can check out the Calgary Farmers Market.Visit Calgary Farmers Market and indulge in the local produce, before you leave the city. You can also take some fresh eatables to your home from the Calgary Farmers Market. You can take a tour of the market by paying $55 CA, with a complimentary Sunday Brunch on your tour to the market. It would be best to visit the old Olympic facilities in the city before you head out of Calgary. It hosted the 1988 Winter Olympics, and some of its sites are open for the public to watch and have fun. 

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