Start planning your next trip with these tips

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With the coronavirus pandemic, most of us have had to change our travel plans. The longer we are forced to wait to resume traveling the more we are daydreaming about it. Take this time that you have to start to plan the perfect trip. If you are not sure where to start or how to decide where to go then follow our advice to ensure your next trip is a dream one.

Before you can commit to a trip you need to decide on a rough timeline. With the coronavirus pandemic ongoing in many countries around the world it may be difficult to pick a time of year right now but you can likely decide on how long you want to get away for. A weekend? Seven days? Ten days? A fortnight? A month? These are all options and you shouldn’t rule out any straight away. While some people think it costs too much to travel for a full month there are ways to make it work. You could work remotely, go somewhere incredibly cheap, or go somewhere close to save on some expense.

The next thing is to decide how far you want to go. This will be determined by your time constraints, your budget, and how much you enjoy the actual travel part of traveling. If you hate being on an airplane then don’t think about that 14-hour flight. If you can only get a week off work then don’t try and fly around the world. Be smart with your decision. There are some great websites online that will actually show you on a map how far you can travel when you set the parameters of what you are willing to do. Check them out.

The next tricky task is to determine your budget. This is something I hate about traveling because when I start to plan a trip and check the flights in six months’ time everything is cheap and cheerful. Yet when I come to book they are incredibly expensive. The best site to use in this case is called Hopper. This is a mobile application that will actually predict the best time to buy the flights you need. While there are many websites that find the best price at that moment this is the only one we know that will recommend when you should buy your flight in the future. It is a bold prediction model and doesn’t always get it right but it is worth checking out if you are planning on purchasing some flights in the future.

Finally, you need to decide what type of holiday you want to go on. This is the fun part. Try to think if you want relaxation or adventure, warm or cold, mountains or beaches. If you are a food lover or a thrill seeker you will be naturally inclined towards certain places. Going bungee jumping in New Zealand is the perfect holiday for someone who loves nice weather, wine, and adventure. Going sunbathing in Monaco is great for those who want to stay close to Europe and live an extravagant lifestyle.

Whatever you want to do there is a holiday to suit. If you want more ideas then message a local travel agent and they will be happy to recommend something great for you. I once told a travel agent I wanted to do something worthy of a bucket list and they came back with five incredible options. A few months later, was spending my Christmas hiking to Everest Base Camp in Nepal, something I had never thought of before.

There is an amazing world out there and while you may not be able to enjoy it all right now, you will be able again soon. Start planning today.

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