Taking a walk through nature trails for overall wellness

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Nature is the best healer of mind, soul, and body. With the beautiful, vast, amazing stretches of vast lands, calming beaches, and forest ranges, nature can heal anything and everything. Long trails and nature walks or also the trails of spirituality can help you release a lot of stress off your shoulders and can be an optimal travel activity.

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Wellness walks on trails can be a new hobby you can enjoy. It can be your way to complete a goal of traveling or help you push yourself out of your comfort zone and enjoy long adventures. If you want to experience wellness walks on trails of nature, choose one of these trails and connect with nature on a spiritual level.

The Balkan Trail

An endless stretch of beautiful nature, this trail can be the best option to trek through nature as it’s one of the best trails of the world. Sprinkled with local guesthouses, the very accomodating natives of the Balkan trails help in accomplishing this very rejuvenating two-week trial. The trail takes you through three countries. Made primarily to facilitate trekking by the founders to trace the paths of the local shepherds, you can boast about your three-country walk when you complete this trail walk.

As you trek through the journey of two weeks, apart from walking through three countries, you get the chance to connect with nature up close and personally. The refreshing trails can be made more enjoyable if you luckily stumble across the shepherds of the area and get the privilege of hearing the folklore of the area. These trails also interpreted as the trails of spirituality will help you detach from the worldly sorrows and find a more peaceful self version.

Japan’s Pilgrim Trail

The sacred region of Japan’s Kii Peninsula has been home to trails of spirituality for countless pilgrims. Used for thousands of years by pilgrims to connect spiritually and for wellness, these trails are now open to all trekking enthusiasts. The Kumano Kodō was first used as a test to examine the spiritual, physical, and mind’s wellbeing. The seven trails that you can choose are house to some of Japan’s most religious places. Named as a World Heritage site, these trails are one of the best trails of the world. Believed to be the place of primal nature spirits, the tranquil aura of the place will surely help you relax and become healthier spiritually and physically.

The Grand Descent

Not an easily trekked trail, the Grand Descent are the trails of the famous Grand Canyon. The mile-deep canyon is a magnet for scientists researching and trekkers who want to look and appreciate the wonders of the Earth. Not as green as other best trails of the world, the grand canyon features exotic, rare vegetation as you make it to the bottom of the descent. The area is rich with fossils and rocks that share the stories of times long gone.

A trek through this descent will make you understand the vastness of the planet and help you acknowledge the diversity of our planet.

Do take these wellness walks on trails and significantly improve your acceptance of nature and your being.

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