These are the four gardens that are worth a visit

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If you haven’t been bitten by the garden craze recently you will be soon. Gardens are amazing. Wherever you live you should try and have a garden. Even if you live in an apartment you can try to grow some plants on your balcony or outside your window. Gardens can make your life happier, they can feed you delicious fruits and vegetables, they can provide a place for your kids to play, for you to relax, and more. In short, gardens are one of the most underrated items of modern life. In your list of demands – a garden should be at the top. It is interesting to note that when you look at countries across the entire world gardens have been seen as important for quite a long time. Even at a time when government spending was not seen as such an important economic tool governments would spend on providing beautiful public spaces. Let’s take a look at the most beautiful gardens in the world. 

Versailles, France

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The Chateau of Versailles is surrounded by 2,000 acres of beauty. In 1661 Louise XIV commissioned a man named Andre Le Notre to design the garden that still exists today. At this point in history, France was one of the richest countries in the world and they spared no expense on making this garden sensational. Over 6 million people visit the gardens every year. The palace of Versailles and the incredible gardens are just on the outskirts of Paris and are easily accessible as a result. If you do go near Paris, make sure these incredible gardens are part of your trip.

Brooklyn, New York

Every major city has a botanical garden that it offers as a tourist site yet the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens in New York really must be seen. This 52-acre haven is set in the middle of a bustling city. While Japan may be known for its cherry blossom – New York is becoming equally famous. The Gardens are home to over 200 cherry blossom trees and there is a month-long festival to celebrate their blooming. In 2020 the festival took place during April with the highlight being April 25th and 25th. You can even use an online tracker to inspect how the bloom is taking place to determine when the best time to visit will be.

Kanazawa, Japan

While New York is able to offer some incredible cherry blossoms they will never be able to compete with the history and beauty that Japanese gardens bring to the table. In the Eastern world, gardens are designed differently. They are seen as a place of tranquility and peace. They are not designed with runners, joggers, and avoiding danger in mind – they are designed to promote beauty and peace. There are three great gardens in Japan and the finest one is Kenrokuen in Kanazawa. It took 200 years to build and was started in the 1600s. Considering the beauty of an average Japanese garden you can imagine just how incredible the best one is. This is a must-visit destination.

Lisse, Netherlands

When you think of famous flowers around the world the cherry blossoms of Japan are usually the first to pop into your mind. However, they are quickly followed by the tulips of the Netherlands. The tulip bloom is something that is on most nature lovers’ bucket list and the best place to see it is the Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse, Netherlands. The gardens are 80 acres in size and there are seven million flowers planted each year with an incredible spring blossom planned. While the tulips are the pick of the bunch there is a diverse range of flowers on show.

These are four gardens that you must visit in your lifetime. If you don’t think you have time to visit four gardens throughout your entire life then you need to sort out your priorities. Visiting these four will make you understand the beauty of the world a little better. In the end, isn’t that what life is all about? 

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