The top five Indonesian foods you need to try

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Indonesian food centers around sweet and spicy flavors, mouth-watering meats, and an abundance of fragrant rice and noodles. Whether you enjoy hot dishes, sweet desserts, or savory beef, the food from this island country is sure to satisfy and delight. Here are five Indonesian foods you simply have to try.

1. Indomie

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For foodies on a budget, Indomie is one of the cheapest Indonesian meals that you can make at home in just a few minutes. If you are looking for a frugal meal that’s full of flavor, you’ll find Indomie to be your new go-to for lunch and dinner. This tasty dish is simple. Take a pack of instant noodles and fry them up with egg, veggies, and spices, and you’ve got a budget-friendly dinner that’s satisfying and nutritious. If you travel to Indonesia, you’ll find this popular cuisine sold on the streets and in upscale restaurants.

2. Beef rendang

Beef rendang is one of the best Indonesian dishes. Its richness will fill you up, and a well-prepared bowl of this spicy curried beef is the perfect meal for a cold day. Similar to beef stew, rendang is slowly simmered in a combination of coconut milk and fragrant spices to create a mouth-watering flavor combination that will leave you wanting a second helping. The thick, gravy-smothered beef chunks taste amazing over tender rice.

3. Satay

These Indonesian meat kebabs are to die for. Soaked in a spicy marinade and grilled to perfection, satay can be made from any type of meat you desire. From lamb to chicken, you’ll find satay skewers readily available almost anywhere in Indonesia. Satay tastes amazing when dipped in peanut sauce, another staple of Indonesian cuisine. This dish is unique because of the way it’s prepared. Hot coals cook the meat to perfect tenderness and fans are used to blow the smoke away, creating an interesting flavor not present in other types of meat skewers. Satay is one of the most popular street foods in Indonesia.

4. Basko

Meatballs made of beef, chicken, and pork taste delightful in this savory soup. One of the most common street foods, this Indonesian delight features tender meatballs in a flavor-packed broth that will warm your heart and light up your taste buds. Basko is often served with egg, noodles, and fried onions to make it complete. Scallions are the final touch in this delicious soup, and it also comes with a side of chili and soy sauce for a sweet and spicy finish.

5. Fried rice (Nasi Goreng)

You’ve probably had fried rice before, but Indonesian fried rice offers an explosion of flavor that’s out of this world. Made with veggies, meat, seafood, and egg, fried rice is a versatile staple of Indonesian cooking. You can find it served anywhere in the country, from the finest restaurants to the kitchens of the Indonesian people. Nasi Goreng is the national dish of Indonesia, so don’t miss out on your chance to try authentic, homemade rice. Indonesian fried rice is unique because it’s made with keycap and topped with pickled acar.

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