These are the top 5 film locations that you can see for yourself

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Traveling is fun when it comes to choosing where to go; it becomes painful. It is normal to fight with yourself on where to go. Many times, when we watch a movie, we let out imaginations run free as we see our favorite celebrities enjoying and living their lives in exotic and beautiful lands. It happens when you get the urge to visit the same place. But you would be happy to know that you can visit many of the beautiful destinations from the movies. We have a top 5 film destinations for you:

1. New Zealand

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There is no way to skip Lord of the Rings trilogy when it comes to beautiful natural scenery. The movie was filmed in New Zealand for over a few years. It is why fans from all over the world flocked together to see Middle Earth in person. It gave a great boom for tourism in New Zealand. The credit goes to hobbit holes where the scenes of Hobbiton were filmed. These are located at Matamata Hills, and the area still looks like the Shire. According to the local audience, the film crew planted crops and flowers the whole year before production began for the set of Bilbo and Frodo’s homes. You can even head to Tongariro National Park, where the scene in Mount Modor and Doom got shot. The next destination could be to South Island and the Southern Alps, where Gollum found the ring.

2. Thailand

Remember the lead character, Alex Garland, in the film ‘The Beach’ who found paradise in Hat Maya? The famous movie had its sets in Phi Phi Leh Island’s main beach in Thailand. Starring Leonardo Di Caprio, the country shot to the fame for this iconic success movie. The island is breathtakingly beautiful and is not precisely as portrayed in movies. The beach is, however, genuinely stunning when you come to see it in real life and is worth a visit.

3. Philippines

Can you imagine the setting of the cult hit Apocalypse Now was the exotic island in the Philippines? The movie was a great success and helped to bring huge tourism to the Philippines. Travelers who want to visit this place can visit for sunny shores, aquamarine water, and beautiful natural features.

4. Kauai, Hawaii

We all know how successful Jurassic Park was and still is. All generations like this legendary movie, be it young or old. While the movie explores what would happen if the dinosaurs suddenly land on earth, the shooting was partially done in Kauai, Hawaii. After the film was released, this place got a lot of travel attention, and helicopter rides are available for guests to see where the film was shot. They are allowed to take pictures.

5. South Carolina, USA

One of the classic love stories, The Notebook, became famous among the young people or maybe the Gen Z generation. The movies were shot in some of the most beautiful places in South Carolina. It would be a great idea to visit this place and see the charm by you.

So these are the top 5 film destinations around the world. There are many more places you can visit, but these are the best ones we could find for you. So what are you waiting for? Start planning and book tickets as soon as we get through this pandemic. 

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