Travel food: 10 Icelandic Foods and Drinks you must try

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Iceland is a beautiful country surrounded by water and with Viking roots. When you go there, you have plenty of opportunities to dive into the culture. That includes food! Here are 10 Icelandic foods and drinks you must try.

Fermented Shark

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Hakarl, or fermented shark, is a local delicacy that people in the area have eaten for thousands of years. Due to environmental concerns, it’s not eaten as much as it used to be. However, it’s good to take a taste to experience the local cuisine.


Puffin is a local seabird. They are popular in the local area. Since it is a beautiful creature, people are eating it less and less. Of course, you’ll still find it on the menu in a number of high-end restaurants.


Almost every country has local beers. Iceland is no different. You should try all of the local drafts that you aren’t likely to find at home. Jola Bjor and Einstok are just some of the popular options.

Fish Stew

Fish stew, or Plokkfiskur, is a common dish in the area due to a large amount of fish used in food in the area. The fish is usually cod. The fish is then mixed together with potatoes, carrots, and other vegetables.

Lamb Soup

Kjötsupa, lamb soup, is a popular local dish. You will see plenty of lamb in the country, and that’s why it’s used in so much of the cuisine.

Fish Jerky

Most people eat beef jerky, but you should also try fish jerky. It’s dehydrated fish meat that you can snack on while you explore all of the amazing sites you’ll see on your vacation.


Skyr is a cheese-based yogurt. It’s light and extremely popular. Many people add fruit to it.

Rye Bread

The most popular type of bread in the area is Rye bread. It’s often served with fish and other dishes. To add to its appeal, many bakers utilize water from hot springs to make the rye bread some of the best rye bread you can find.


If you enjoy one drink in Iceland, it should be Brennivin. It’s similar to a Schnapps. It’s a clear liquor. When translated into English, it means “burning wine”.


You can’t come to Iceland without trying all of the amazing fish caught in the area. There are a large number of different fish to choose from, so make sure to try a wide variety.

Your trip to Iceland won’t be complete without enjoying all of the food the island has to offer. Keep an open mind and try everything you can.

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