Learn to protect yourself from mosquitoes while traveling

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With the change in time, the difficulties with mosquitoes’ presence are not only limited to disturbed sleep but are also disease carriers. As per reports, millions of people die every year from mosquito-borne diseases like dengue or malaria. Apart from these diseases, the mosquitoes also carry the infection of fatal diseases like Yellow fever, West Nile Virus, Zika virus, or Japanese Encephalitis.

Mosquitoes are quite a threat for all, but especially for the travelers, however, there are quite a few ways to protect you from their bite white traveling. Here is a little guide for you to learn about these quick and easy tips you must follow while traveling and in your day to day life.

Tips to protect you from mosquitoes

If you are planning to take a trip, then your safety must top in your priority list. With the knowledge about the deadly little bloodsucker, you must stay a bit extra careful while you are out for a trip. Here is the list of the few tried and tested ways to save your life and enjoy your trip:

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* Carry your mosquito net along

There is nothing wrong with being a little extra careful about your health. The places you visit might have all the arrangements, but carrying a little mosquito net packet won’t harm you in any way. Thus, it would be best if you stay prepared in advance to avoid taking rounds to the hospital.

* Try to wear appropriate clothing

Clothing is the most basic and easy way to follow. Make sure that you don’t become the hot target of the mosquitoes. Even if you visit a warm place, you must still have some long sleeves t-shirts, pants and socks with you. Areas like tropical regions require you to tuck in your pants in your socks while walking through such regions with a high concentration of mosquitoes.

* Choose light-colored clothing over dark

Make sure to pack as much light color you can to avoid the threat of the mosquitos. It is because mosquitoes are much attracted to dark colors than to light colors.

* Never forget to carry mosquito repellent spray or crème 

Consider mosquito repellent spray or crème is your best friend. Stack up your toiletry kit with various insect repellents that contain Picaridin, DEET, lemon eucalyptus oil, or IR3535. However, the DEET free or plant-based mosquito repellents come in the forms of lotions or sprays.  

* Make sure to shower regularly

If you plan to go out for a trip in summers, you must shower regularly to wash off the sweat. Mosquitoes are usually attracted to the smell of the sweat, thus bathing would help you explore all day without being the target of the mosquitoes at night.

* Stay away from the areas of still waters

The stagnant water, like creeks or lakes, is the hotspot for mosquito breeding. Thus, you must avoid coming across any such path while you are on your trip.

* Keep the windows of your car or room shut

Before you sleep, you must go through all the windows to ensure that their screens are shut and have no space for the mosquitoes to enter the room. The safest way is to sleep during your trip is to close the windows and turn on the air conditioner.

Winding up

Reapplying mosquito repellent after now and then is the key to stay safe from the threat of the mosquitos on your trip.

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