Understand the trend of bunk beds in luxury hotels

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You must have heard about a lot of trends like tents or camping while you want to stay somewhere while on a trip. But wait, you would not even have guessed that the bunk beds are the finest and the latest trend that you would find in the luxury hotels today. Everyone’s childhood dream is now fulfilled by the most luxurious hotels in the world. But do you know why this trend is being followed by the hoteliers of all around the world?

Hotels keeping up with the trends 

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There are plenty of hotels that are keeping up with the latest trends in the market. But do you know why the hotels need to bring in these trends and why it is a must for them to give the best possible experience to their customers? It can be anything from its social media appearance or just for a unique experience.

People mostly imagine a giant bed while thinking about luxurious accommodation. But do you know the latest trend of bunk beds is sweeping away all the traditional bedding styles? The stacked beds – one on others, are the childhood dream of everyone, and having it in the hotels is extraordinary.

How have hotels created a unique space for these beds?

You might see that many hotels have already fitted these bunk beds into their rooms as they want to stay with the new trends. For example:

  • The Volkshotel of Amsterdam has one room with a double bed, which is deferred from the regular roof over the other two twin beds below it. According to them, it is a room which is perfect for friends traveling together or for families with children.
  • The Shankly Hotel of England has designed a Flamingo party suite with three double bunk beds, making a perfect place for over twelve people who want to share the same room.

What has made the bunk beds popular?

Do you have any idea that what makes these bunk beds so popular? If not, then we are here to give you all that you want to know! Having bunk beds is just like any other trend that people watch on social media. The present generation is so fond of traveling the world and showing it off on social media or friends. However, some of them want to have a unique and creative design of the beds. Thus, to add something intriguing to their trip, more and more hotels add bunk beds in their rooms.

It is not the only reason! Most of the people love to stay like a child or want to relive their childhood days. Thus, nothing is better than sleeping in bunk beds to relive all the forgotten memories of childhood. Many luxurious hotels around the world are adding this adventure in their hotels to bring about more crowds to their hotels. Such hotels are determined to bring about childhood life back to their lives. 

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