What is the maximum lifespan of the chickens?

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We all are fond of chickens. Isn’t it? Do you have slight knowledge about their lifespan? It is always uncertain because it is dependent on several factors. So learning the exact lifespan of the chicken is quite challenging. Chickens and hens are the most productive poultry animals which are loved by the people as their meal.

Hens have now become productive pets for thousands of people of the world. Thus, we want the best for them, so knowing something about what to expect is important.

Let’s take a look at the lifespan of the average chicken and talk about some of the things that can affect their longevity.

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Factors affecting the lifespan of chickens:

  • Housing 

The cleanliness and the atmosphere of the shelters play a major role in the long and healthy lifespan of a chicken. The shelters must be safe, secure, dry, protected from the threat, and warm to have physically fit and long-lived poultry bird – chicken. The precautions must be taken to get a healthy commercial and domestic chicken. 

  • Medical problems 

The chickens and every other bird can easily catch diseases and transfer it to others. 

We must take proper precautions to avoid the fear of losing your pet. Some of the diseases might take up their life, but some of them can be treated. Vaccinate your chicken with the Mareks Disease vaccination to ensure that your flock never comes into contact with it. 

  • Quality of care

You must ensure to meet the basic needs of your flock to let your chicken live a healthy life. They are easy to care for if you are diligent enough to do it:

  • Good food on time
  • Proper clean shelter 
  • Clean water 

One harsh winter can take away your other healthy chicken’s life, only if you get inattentive and careless. 

  • Types of flock 

The most important thing to look for calculating the lifespan of the chicken is to make sure which type of flock it is – hybrid or heritage. Commercial chickens are meant to be extremely productive; thus, they have a short lifespan. The hybrid chickens have tampered genetics; thus, they have a short lifespan. 

These are the basic factors that affect the lifespan of your chicken. Thus, think a lot before deciding to have it as your pet or before starting a poultry farm. 

The lifespan of the big breeds of the chicken 

Plymouth Rocks It is a handsome bird named after America’s crowning moment. It was the most popular chicken in the New World during the early 20th century. It marked a great difference in its life expectancy; however, it can live for over 10 -20 years, but only if it is not exploited for eggs and meat. 

Rohde Island Reds 

It first showed up in America in the year 1854. It is the state bird of the Rohde Island. Its life expectancy is of eight years or more because of its egg-laying and meat giving feature. 

Golden Comets

It is the only bird that dominates the egg-laying industry. They are very prone to health problems; they are unlikely to reach their natural lifespan, which is 10 to 15 years. 

Now, you must know that there is no fixed lifespan of the chickens. It is highly dependent on several factors, as you must have learned in this article. Go ahead and love your chicken!

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