Why can’t some people visit some of the countries in the world?

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The world is full of fantastic countries which hide a mystery in them. These are the few places that attract most of the crowd because of the secret they hide. Exploring the hidden truth, a variety of cultures, and preserving a few moments for life is the real vendetta of the people. Here is a list of those mysterious countries of the world which the people are not allowed to visit. Let us also understand the reason behind this travel ban on these countries.

1. Kiribati

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It is a remote island country situated right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This country is far away from other countries in the world. It accepts only foreigners from sixty different countries. You can only visit Kiribati if you are from one of the countries they allow otherwise, your request to visit would get declined. Only a single flight flies out to the Kiribati Islands twice in a week.

2. Nauru 

It is a small country that lies right on the equator. The country is so tiny that you can entirely cover the whole distance quickly. Nauru is one of the least visited countries in the world as it accepts people from only four countries. Only a single airline flies to the Nauru country that too quite rarely. If you do belong to one of those four countries, then you must visit. It is worth a visit!

3. Uzbekistan 

It is the most challenging place to visit in the entire world. It is the only country you need an invitation; otherwise, you cannot even cross the Uzbekistan borders. The process for the invitation might sound easy, but it isn’t easy to go through it and finally succeed in it. Fight for getting invited to Uzbekistan for exploring the historical architecture of the country.  

4. Afghanistan

The travel visas for Afghanistan are only granted to the military people who have to be there at any cost. However, if you ever managed to get a pass to go to Afghanistan, you wouldn’t be disappointed. The country has an abundance of beautiful scenery that will blow up your mind.

5. Syria

Syria has always been a war zone; thus, it is quite dangerous to travel there as your life is always at stake. Getting a flight to visit, there is far more complicated than getting a Visa of Syria. But there are still a few places in the country which did not get damaged in the war and have the most beautiful architecture which you can’t even expect. Despite it being a war zone, it opens arms for its guests in the most astounding way.

Winding up

You might be the lucky one to be able to enjoy the serene beauty of these fantastic countries of the world. Don’t lose hope even if you can’t visit it as there are plenty of photos available on the internet to satisfy your thirst to explore them thoroughly!

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