Why Brussels is a must-visit place for your trip to Europe

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Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, is in the northern part of the country. Belgium shares its borders with various countries such as France, Netherlands, Germany, and Luxembourg. Brussels is mostly famous because of being the center of the European parliament. Apart from this, Brussels is a beautiful city and an ideal location for a vacation. It does not take more than one hour to travel from London to Brussels. 

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When someone mentions the best vacation locations, often London, England, Paris, France, and Berlin, Germany comes to our mind. But a few underrated cities get neglected like Brussels in Belgium. Do you want to know why Brussels is not as famous as London? Here’s why Brussels is an underrated city yet being one of the best vacation locations. 

European Parliament

Most of you already know that the European Parliament is in Brussels. The architecture of the building of the European Parliament is worth a watch. Brussels offers various activities for children and adults to participate in and enjoy. Young children get the opportunity to pretend to be politicians and participate in different games altogether in the Parliament house. 

Brussels Town Square

Another unique location that Brussels has is the Brussels Town square. It is in the center of the city, making it one of the main attractions for tourists. Extravagant buildings surround the town hall from every side. Most of the tourists visit this place while they are on vacation in Brussels. Brussels Town square is the most world’s most attractive town square you can see. 

A paradise for history lovers 

Brussels is known for its history as it is the site of Napoléon Bonaparte’s last stand. When you spend your vacation in Brussels, you will come across all sorts of museums and exhibitions. You can clearly understand what happened hundreds of years ago in the battle zone if you visit Brussels museums. 

A must-visit for food lovers 

The food that Brussels offers is extremely delicious. The restaurants of Brussels prepare the finest meals and beverages in the world. It is a fabulous destination for the people who are extremely fond of food and wish to try global cuisines. Brussels has a chain of many renowned restaurants that offer the best dining experience to its guests. 

Other specialties 

Along with the best food, Brussels is also known as one of the best cities for chocolate lovers in the world. It has the finest quality of Belgian delicacies like Belgian waffles, fries, and many more. It treats you with delicious meals and gives your palate a whole another level of taste. 

Now you know why Brussels is an ideal location for a vacation. You must at least spend a week in Brussels to experience everything. It has something to offer to everyone who visits here. Visit Brussels to enjoy the most out of this underrated city. Add Brussels in your travel bucket list and mark it as one of the best vacation locations. 

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